EDUCATION THE ENVIRONMENT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT WOMEN EMPOWERMENTFor nearly twenty years the NEGES Foundation has been working in Haiti, specifically in Léogâne. We provide disaster relief during the tragic moments in the country. Wes serve the community in education, the environment, women empowerment and economic development. 

Today, NEGES Foundation is once again victim of a natural disaster, events which so often hit Haiti. Hurricane Matthew devastated the south of the country including Léogâne. Our sympathy and deepest condolences go to all the victims, their families and friends.  Nearly 300 of our brothers and sisters perished this week.


NEGES Foundation was at the epicenter of the devastating earthquake in 2010. Our campus in Dampus, Léogane, Mon P'tit Village served as a sanctuary for hundreds of our fellow brothers and sisters for several years. Our last family, victim of the earthquake lest our campus this year, six and a half years later.  We helped the population with our own funds and with help of few partners and friends.

We are here to stay after the storm. We are committed. We are the community. 

Your support and commitment will help us to continue this honorable work. PLEASE DONATE NOW.